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Ocean to Falls...Discover It All!

Locally owned and staffed and with a vision to become the top rated tour company on island, Funtastic Island Adventures aims to offer its guests opportunities to really discover the Gem that is Grenada through unique experiences.

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We want to take our customers away from the norm, the everyday and really delve into the heart of the Spice Isle, exploring and adventuring through mountains, hills, lakes, valleys, rivers, beaches with fun being at the center of every adventure.

We are committed to the continuous development of the Tourism sector in Grenada and we will aspire to keep introducing new tours and excursions that our visitors can enjoy. In addition to our own tours we will collaborate with other aspiring operators in the industry who are like minded and not just contented to showcase the usual.

As ambassadors of our country we take great pride in showcasing our bountiful natural resource and gems and guarantee to give our guests a FUNTASTIC experience from start to finish everytime!!

Water-World Tours

Breathtaking waterfalls, warm sulphur bath exfoliating the skin, cool breezes wafting off the deep blue seas, the thrill of a wet, wild and wonderful river ride – just some of the wonders of our Water-World Tours. Leave your hotel, guest house, ship or home and be prepared to be awed by the sheer beauty of both the interior of our island and the coastal landscape. Ours is a superb mix of popular sites mixed with ‘off the beaten track’ gems. Choose from our options and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime!

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4x4 Safari Tours

Experience the essence of the Spice Isle on our fully guided tours….picturesque waterfalls, rolling hills and scenic valleys, spectacular crater lakes, intriguing flora and fauna, the highest peak, ‘black gold’, delectable chocolates and sumptuous local cuisine, the aroma and taste of local rums, bustling market sceneries, fresh local fruits, historic vestiges and architecture, affable interactions with locals and more and more breathtaking views! Come aboard our open back 4 x 4 safari vehicles and get a 360 panoramic view all around as you go along. Hands down the BEST way to explore the Spice Isle!

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Specialty Tours

Come indulge in the essence of the Spice Isle. Local rums and liqueurs, yummy chocolates and chocolate products, spices, and other locally produced items local flora and fauna and for an even bigger thrill, throw in a horse and a rider, yes!! There is horseback riding as well! Choose to immerse yourself in absolute chocolate decadence, or a day of sampling fine rums, even an encounter with ‘under the counter’ or see and learn about the vast variety of Spice Isle exotic plants and animals…..Whatever you choose, will be time well spent!

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Nothing feels as good as an invigorating trek through mountains and valleys surrounded by lush vegetation and breathing in pure, unpolluted air. The un-spoilt forests reserves, hilly but friendly terrain make Grenada the ideal hiking paradise. Choose a trek around the scenic coastlines, or up the slopes of Mt. St. Catherine, Qua Qua or the Palms at Belvidere with some of the most spectacular views to be found anywhere and together with some of the Caribbean’s most skilled hikers at Hidden Treasures Hikes, we will make it an experience worth your WOW!

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